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The Jenuwine Family has been selling cigars and tobacco products in Metro Detroit since 1947. Originally located in Center Line at 10 Mile and Van Dyke, J & J Wholesale was started by Ed Jenuwine and later joined by his brothers John, Lee, and Jim. In the 50s and 60s their primary business consisted of the then new modern “cigarette and candy vending machines” business. As business changed so did the brothers as they moved from vending to wholesale. They supplied many of the small convenience stores and businesses with candy, cigarettes, tobacco, groceries, and sundries.

In 1966, they moved from their original location across the street from St. Clements Church in the original Center Line State Police Building to their new warehouse one block east of Van Dyke on 10 Mile Road. That would be their home until 1982 when they expanded their business and built a new building two blocks west of Van Dyke on 10 Mile Road. That building is now the City of Center Line’s City Hall and Fire Department. Three moves in 42 years and the brothers never moved more than two blocks in any direction! What is even more interesting is that all 3 locations were 2 blocks from where they were born and raised on Warren Boulevard!

The wholesale business was sold in 1988 to S Abraham and Sons and Dan Jenusine worked for the Abraham family until 1994. In the tradition of the family business, he openned his own brokerage company and represented many tobacco manufacturers to Kmart. From 1988 until 2002 the Kmart Tobacco department was managed by Dan Jenuwine as Kmart relied heavily on the experience and expertise of 40 years in the tobacco business.

In 1996, Jenuwine utilized the new and powerful internet to launch the country’s largest machine-made direct-to-consumer cigar company, Quality Fresh Cigars, Inc.  At it’s peak, the company serviced over 20,000 consumers on a regular basis with all of their cigar needs. The company continues to operate with offices in Troy and a distribution center in Kentucky.

In 2004, at the request of family and friends, Jenuwine started carrying premium cigars in a small humidor built in the warehouse of his office in Troy. Within a year the back door began to swing so often that he expanded the humidor and the business continued to grow.  In 2006, the business was expanded to it’s current 4,000 square foot location in the building next to the corporate offices. At the time it was billed as the largest humidor in the country featuring an 1,200 square foot humidor with over 2,000 different cigars on display. The Jenuwine Cigar Factory Outlet of Troy has a smoking lounge, large screen TV’s and an indescribably ambiance. Open the back doors to this location and you will be pleasantly surprised!

In 2008, the company launched it’s online premium cigar business under the name CigarFox. Using the huge inventory available in their store, they designed the first online site that allows consumers to mix and match every individual premium cigars and make their own samplers!

In 2010, the company opened it’s second retail store at the southwest corner of Hall Road and Schoenherr.  The Jenuwine Cigar Factory Outlet of Sterling Heights is a state of the art facility with a 2,100 square foot humidor that houses over 2700 different brands of cigars. Billed as the largest consumer walk in humidor in the world, no one has stepped forward to dispute or challenge their claim. Accompanying the humidor is a 2,000 square foot cigar lounge that is open to the general public as well as a private Montecristo Lounge that has 60 members.  Big screen TV’s, ambiance, refreshments, and fellow cigar smokers are what make The Jenuwine Cigar Factory Outlet of Sterling Heights special!

Keeping it all in the family is what makes this business work.  Dan Jenuwine is joined in the business by his children and 3rd generation members Dan Jr., Julie, Lisa, and Christie. The company also employs 3 additional familiy members.  The Jenuwine Cigar Factory Outlet is the #1 place in Metro Detroit to buy and enjoy fine cigars!