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Deals of the Week February 13th – February 19th

This weeks new deals are live…. and well, they are kind of a big deal this week! Check them out and be sure to get in to Troy or Sterling Heights this week to take advantage of all the below. Happy Sunny Monday Everyone!

Deal One: $1.00 Off Liga Privada #9 Sticks
Liga Privada No. 9 cigars were originally created for the sole smoking pleasure of Drew Estate president Steve Saka.
Exquisitely blended from 7 different tobaccos from 7 different farms, it is handcrafted only by the factory’s absolute best torcedors. Each cigar is flawless in construction, flavor and character. Rich, complex and full-bodied without being harsh, this Liga Privada (“private blend”) is best described in one word: Satisfying. Try some this week while saving $1.00 off each stick!

Deal Two: $13.99 Macanudo 3 Pack Sampler
This week only, the Macanudo 3 pack sampler now just $13.99!  No other cigar tastes like a Macanudo because no other cigar is made like a Macanudo, and this deal allows you to get three exceptionally well constructed smokes for a very sweet price! 3 great tastes for the price of two, wahoo.

Deal Three: 10% Off All Montecristo Cigar Accessories
This is one of the most exciting deals of the week yet! 10% off ALL Montecristo cigar accessories.  Save big and finally get your own fancy accessories to enjoy your smokes with. At 10% off you can even treat yourselves to a new cutter and a lighter! Go on, you deserve it!

Come shop the humidors at Troy or Sterling this week and pick up some new Montecristo accessories for a fraction of regular retail cost!