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Our New Website Has Launched!

Hello Detroit!
Boy, have we got a website for you! We’ve just updated the Jenuwine Cigar Factory Outlet website to help you stay informed with our Factory Outlet stores in Troy and Sterling Heights, Michigan.

Here’s a quick tour of our new site:

If you couldn’t find our stores before, now you can. We have two store locations with the possibility of two more on the way. Get to this page of our site if you’ve ever lost your way.

Each week, we’ll have 3 great cigars deals for you so you can keep up with the best value in town. Be sure to check back here every Monday, or sign up for our newsletter and get them delivered right to your inbox.

We also have some ongoing deals, but we need your participation via social media to make them happen. We’ll post more about these on our blog at a later time, so check back soon.

We have tons of footage of our stores, our events and our customers; and we like to show off that we can have a good time. If you make it out to one of our events, check our Flickr and YouTube Streams here to see if you’ve had your fifteen minutes of fame. Or have a look around to see what we’re throwing down.

If you need some time away from work or the house, come party with us– we hold public events quite often. Share a smoke with boys, learn how to light up a cigar, taste the next new brand or even hang out with a Playboy model. Our Events Page will keep you up-to-date with a calendar and full details on each event. You can also RSVP via Facebook so you can let us know you’re coming!

Want to know what’s hot and what’s not? Eric D. Kukucka is our expert cigar aficionado. If he’s not helping you pick your next cigar out at our Sterling Heights store or telling you how to properly light it, he’s telling you what he thinks of the hottest cigars on the market. Subscribe via our RSS feed or get reviews delivered to your email so you never miss a cigar review.

If you’re reading this, you’re already here on our blog. We’re going to be adding a ton of exciting content to keep you up-to-date on our CFOs as well as the cigar industry. Subscribe via our RSS feed or get reviews delivered to your email so you don’t miss any of the action.

So have a look around our site and let us know what you think. We’d love your help in making our CFOs a success, so if you can, make sure you share our content with your friends and family. We’d appreciate any help and would love to continue to service you, whether it’s getting you the best cigar deals in town, throwing the best cigar parties or providing you a relaxing lounge and great cigar selection. Thanks for your business!
~The Jenuwine Cigar Factory Outlet Team