Davidoff Authorized Retailer

There are over 4,000 retail tobacconists throughout the United States, but only 228 have been appointed as Davidoff Authorized Merchants.  In July of 2012, Jenuwine Cigar Lounge in Sterling Heights achieved the recognition as one of Americas Great Tobacconists when it was appointed the 226th Davidoff Retailer in the United States!

The Davidoff Philosophy
Enjoying the delightful moments in life with spirit and emotion, either for oneself or together with friends.  This is a genuine lifestyle – it is Davidoff’s The Good Life”

Davidoff Cigars are without question the epitome of perfection in the world of cigars. By choosing to smoke a Davidoff cigar you are embracing the finest elements that encompass the production of a fine cigar, craftsmanship, elegance, precision, the finest tobacco, all of the things which symbolize what Zino was all about; “The Good Life”.  At The Jenuwine Cigar Lounges we take our role as a Davidoff Appointed Retailer seriously. We offer a full selection of the six Davidoff Cigar lines. The full bodied and smooth Aniversario Series, the delicate yet rich flavor of the Classic Series, the medium-body “Thousand” Series, the full body “Grand Cru”, the new super rich “Millennium”, and last but not least the fantastic “Special Series” which includes the world famous “Double R” and the “Special T”.

When entering our spacious humidor you will find front and center the Davidoff section that serves as the focal point and epicenter upon which our other 2,600 brands on display are built around. Try a Davidoff today and you will understand why this cigar is a part of the luxury brand that is known throughout the world for its high class quality products.

We are proud to carry The Davidoff Brand and excited to be able to offer it to you!