Xikar Cigars 50% OFF

Xikar Cigars 50% OFF! Most of you may only know Xikar as an amazing cigar accessory company, with nothing but the highest quality products and lifetime guarantee. However, you may be surprised to know that Xikar also has 3 lines of premium cigars in Connecticut, Criollo and Habano wrappers.

The Connecticut line took over 5 years in the making and was blended by Jesus Fuego. All their cigars are well aged and you can taste the difference while you enjoy one of these smooth, complex and robust cigars with lots of smoke. What helps keep these ciars so pleasantly full is the use of wide varieties of tobacco from many different regions.

The Xikar Habana Colorado Cigars truly have a uniqueness about them. Since only the most premium tobacco is used for these premium cigars, Xikar is always on a “Treasure Hunt” to find the rarest and finest tobacco. Their hard work means your pleasure. If you havn’t had the opportunity to try one, theres no better time than now to enjoy one today.

Xikar special is NOT applied on accessories. For More Information ask any experienced sales staff at Any Location.