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Camacho 10th Anniversary Torpedo

  • SIZE: Box Pressed Torpedo 6.12 x 54
  • WRAPPER: “Authentic Corojo”
  • BINDER: “Authentic Corojo”
  • FILLER: “Authentic Corojo”

The year was 2008 and it came time to celebrate something special: this was the year that commemorated the Eiora family for its ten years of growing the world’s only Authentic Corojo. What better way to celebrate and always remember something special than releasing a cigar specific to that date? Christian created this blend and it offers some amazing flavours along with a beautiful presentation. 2008 was also the tenth anniversary of when Christian became president of Caribe Cigar imports. There are 21 cigars in the beautiful looking box. The pre light aroma was very nice and looking at the cigar it has a few veins but what was interesting was that the wrapper was thinner than normal. This is giving me a little bit of a possible concern for burn issues, but the true test was yet to come. There was also an evident patch of Ligero directly in the center of the cigar, yum. The pre light draw was effortless. Upon lighting the foot, my palate said many thank-you’s to me for being so generous and providing nutty almond flavours with undertones of spice and leather. As I neared the second third the burn was great and the ash was slightly flaky. The flavour profiles for the most part maintained and very similar to the initial flavours, which is fine with me. The extra coffee notes were definitely a bonus. Personally, yes it’s great when a cigar changes flavours and is more complex throughout the cigar, but at the same time you can never really have too much of a good thing when it comes to cigars, can you? The body is on the heavier side of medium and the draw and burn are continuing to remain flawless. The final third of the cigar was just as good as the first two thirds with a slight peppery tingle in the back of my throat, which was a good kick giving a little bit of that full bodied experience.


This cigar is very nice to look at but its even better to smoke. Yes, it costs around 12 dollars, but its damn worth it. You’re smoking something that should be recognized. Think of New Years Eve when you splurge and spend some extra cash and get a bottle of expensive champagne (even Dom Perignon if you really had a great year.) Well, it’s the same thing—you will always remember a great cigar like you will always remember great champagne. Corojo tobacco is a beautiful thing and the Eioras did a great job farming the product. The nutty almond, coffee, cream and spice notes that add to this cigar make it that much more worthy, what else could make this cigar worth your while? Well, the fact that it has a great burn and an effortless draw.

Eric D. Kukucka
Member of the Montecristo lounge, Sterling Heights, Michigan