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Camacho Room 101

Born in the City of Angels, Handmade in Honduras

Matt Booth, the creator of luxury lifestyle brand Room 101, partnered with Camacho cigars to create the bold new Room 101 line of cigars.

Room 101 has been featured in top lifestyle, fashion and specialty magazines worldwide, and has made appearances on major network television shows, so you know that this brand really has a lot of class.

Room 101 is not only a cigar company, but it’s also a manufacturer of custom smoker accessories. Products offered are Made to Measure Suits, Custom Made Knives, and yes, the original Jewelry line.

Lets talk about how Matt actually got into the cigar business. At one time, Matt was working on a smoker’s accessories (cutters, lighters and even special humidors). One night at a Las Vegas after-party, Christian Eiroa presented the idea of creating a cigar to accompany these accessories or vice-versa. Sooner than later, Matt was touring the Camacho facility in Danli, Honduras and was given the “Cigar 101” by Christian, explaining the process from start to finish. Matt was blown away by what actually goes into making a handmade cigar and from there on, he changed his views on cigars forever. Matt’s Jewelry and other Room 101 products are all unique in their own way. For instance, the way he named the sizes of the cigars. He named each cigar after an area code (305 is Miami, 404 is Atlanta, 213 is Los Angeles, 702 is Las Vegas, 808 is Hawaii and 323 is Hollywood).

Now, these cigars are newcomers to the cigar business being released at the 2009 IPCPR in New Orleans, but let me tell you, I know they’ll be around for a while. Not only because they’re backed up by Camacho, but simply because they taste GOOD. Nothing better than a cigar that you enjoy, am I right? Like I’ve said before, every cigar has a story and this is Matt’s story. I met Matt in December of 2009 and this was when his cigar was still “fresh of the press.” We talked for a good 20 minutes about fashion and jewelry then we got into cigars and he explained to me how cigars is a lifestyle and so is Room 101. Matt puts his heart and soul into his business and I respect that. I think that someone that works hard at something to make sure it’s a unique experience deserves credit…and credit goes out to Matt Booth BIG TIME. The more credit I must give to Matt is for being a proud supporter of the wounded warrior project.

The Cigar

The band on this cigar is very interesting and has that edgy Los Angeles look to it. The wrapper is oily and slightly veiny, which also gives it that edgy look. What makes this cigar interesting as well is the 3 seam cap. What makes this cigar so special is the wrapper, which is a Semia 101 and the only cigar to contain this wrapper is the Room 101 cigars hybrid Nicaraguan/Honduran wrapper. This to me is a very unique feature. This cigar let out beautiful pre light aroma of coco chocolate with a beautiful tobacco scent, the first third had some very evident earthy notes with peppery undertones, followed by a few hints of some black cherry type flavours. The second third turned into a Cocco chocolate/espresso type flavours…just beautiful. The final third became more bodied but still stayed in the medium range. Some earthy, peppery coco notes were present.


All-in-all, really enjoyed this cigar. The ash was flaky but it remained strong. The draw was perfect, aside from the first third, the burn was also flawless. Lots of great coco, pepper, espresso and earthy flavours in a beautiful medium bodied cigar with great presentation and a cool story to follow. Why not try something different for change? That’s the 101 on Room 101 Cigars.

Eric D. Kukucka
Member of the Montecristo lounge, Sterling Heights, Michigan