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La Gloria Cubana Serie N JSB (5.5 X 54)

The La Gloria Cubana Brand translated to “The Glory of Cuba” dates back over a hundred years and has a lot of Cuban history installed in the name.  Created in 1885, Sociedad Cabañas Y Castro, the brand was then purchased in 1905 by José F. Rocha, and manufactured its cigars in Havana on Miguel Street. his death in 1954, lead to the purchase of the company by the cifuentes family, they took on both Bolivar and La Gloria Cubana, the production was then manufactured in the 4 stories high PARTAGAS factory in Havana, allot of the brands success is owed to Pepin Fernandez for all of his efforts in promoting the brand, you might be asking yourself who is Pepin Fernandez?  Pepin is the owner of the Romeo Y Julieta Brand. The La Gloria Brand was honoured to be one of CUBAS REGIONAL EDITIONS with the La Gloria Cubana DELICIOSO, which means that the cigar is only available for purchase in Cuba, this was the first CUBA REGIONAL EVER RELEASED what an honour this is, by the way it was a limited release only 50,000 produced in 2,000 beautiful humidified ceramic jars. The other La Gloria Cubana brand holds some interesting history as well. Ernesto Perez-Carrillo Sr. a former Cuban Senator and Tobacco grower, like I mentioned before in previous reviews most of our top non-Cuban cigar manufactures “fled Cuba” and found new homes. In 1959, like most others he took with him a little piece of haven in other words the recipe and secret of La Gloria Cubana. Little Havana Miami, home to many Cuban immigrants, the year was 1968 and Perez’s cigars were becoming a neighbourhood favourite, the best was yet to come. Like allot of tobacco manufactures family is key to further success and tradition, 1980 was the year for Ernesto Jr. when he blended a combination of beautiful Dominican and Nicaraguan tobacco, the birth of  a new rich full flavoured La Gloria was born, he truly made his father proud. One of the greatest feelings in the world is when you are rewarded for all of your time and efforts, this was granted to Ernesto in 1992 when his blend received 90 points by Cigar aficionado, there’s nothing better in life than being rewarded for all of your hard work.  The La Gloria Artesanos De Miami was ranked the # 9 Cigar of 2008 by Cigar Aficionado, and more recently the Serie R No.3 was awarded 92 hard earned points by both Cigar Aficionado and Cigar Insider.  La Gloria Cubana Manufactures 23 different sizes of cigars, that offers amazing amounts of delicious flavours, and beautiful aromas.


WRAPPER:  Capa Oscura / Ecuadorian Sumatra

BINDER:  Nicaraguan Proprietary

FILLER: Nicaraguan Proprietary

STRENGTH: Med- full (more on the fuller scale)

ASH: (white strong slightly flaky)

What is really interesting about this cigar is the beautiful presentation of the Box a Fire Red Hexagon shape, with a gold La Gloria Cubana N label on it.  The N stands for Nicaragua, the cigar has a Woven N right in the center of the cigar.  the wrapper offers a nice oily appearance to it, now speaking about the wrapper , allot of the IPCPR news letters from bloggers were stating this to be a ECUADORIAN SUMARTRA wrapper , well unless it is a dark Sumatra and even still this cigar is much darker than that , so imp going to stay with the Capa Oscura for the wrapper. It has some elevated areas on it and very few veins present and a beautiful cap. Now let’s talk a little bit about what exactly “proprietary” tobacco is. Proprietary Tobacco is tobacco in which has an exclusivity and ownership rights , many cigarette companies have “low nicotine” proprietary tobacco, basically is almost like a patent on a secret recipe, or rights of ownership of land, IN A NUT SHELL , THIS NICARAGUAN TOBACCO IS EXCLUSIVE  The cigar has beautiful pre light aroma of woodsy spice, right of the bat there is allot of earthiness to the cigar,  as it develops a little more throughout the first third taste very similar to raisins very odd but yet interesting, the smoke began to become smoother and very indulging, until the 2/3 portion of the cigar , this was the most interesting flavour I have ever experienced in a cigar in 8 years and thousands of cigars it was literally like a chocolate powder , from a hot chocolate or like cocoa powder , you can literally taste the chalkiness of the powder , I thought I was going crazy but I was told by a friend of mine about this taste I might experience,  so Sunday night at the Monte lounge there were 4 other members smoking with me and they were all smoking the Serie N, I told them what they were about to expect and if they could agree  with my tastings  , an surely enough they all agreed , they too were in shock, the burn is perfect at this point and the chocolate flavours are getting richer , man this proprietary tobacco is something else, the burn and draw remain great. I’m at the final third of the cigar, and the chocolate flavours became slightly bitter for about 5 minutes, and then revamped themselves, there is a very slight hint of spice but very little more prominent in the chocolate department at this point, the cigar finished nicely and I was very impressed.



JSB (5 ½” x 54)

Rojo (6 ½” x 46)

Generoso (5 ¾” x 49)

Glorioso (6 ½” x 58)

I sampled all of the sizes listed above and they were all very consistent in all departments, flavour, draw, burn and construction.

This new La Gloria is a full Bodied Power house but yet tamed with a beautiful balanced smoothness of amazing chocolate flavours, aside from the very unique packaging, the Nicaraguan proprietary tobacco makes it extra special, and if you haven’t tried one yet what are you waiting for?

Produced in the Dominican Republic La Gloria Cubana is one of the most sought-after cigars in the world.


Eric D. Kukucka (Member of the Montecristo Lounge Sterling Heights