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Liga Private No. 9 Robusto

Liga Private No. 9 Robusto
Cigar Review:

I’m going to begin calling to mind Nicaragua; home  to some of the world’s finest tobaccos, home to cigar family history that dates back years upon years upon years, a geographical cornerstone to every cigar we all enjoy today. Now let me tell you about a company that gained its birth in Nicaragua as late as 1998! Before 1998, Jonathan Drew and Marvin Samel owned a small boutique shop in the world trade center , a mere 16 square foot kiosk to be exact. What is interesting about the Drew Estate story is the fact that it is still very similar to the way that a lot of the big names in cigars today are who they are.  Jonathan Drew moved to Estelí with very little money and a few rollers. Jonathan lived in struggle for a year in Nicaragua until 1999 when he returned to the big apple with new blends and a merging idea for their cigar line, and with none other than Scott “ACID” Chester! Jonathan and Marvin really wanted this to be their OWN company and not one to be contracted out, once again doing things the “hard way “.  ACID was not the first cigar from Drew Estates lineage, but it is defiantly one of their most popular. A cigar that has remarkably infused flavors! However, their first cigar was actually “La Veija Habana “.  It was now the year of the millennium (2000) and it was time for the next generation Drew Estate cigar line…. the NATURAL. This cigar was a big success because of its rich flavors.  In 2002 the company’s factory  began pumping out astronomic numbers. 2004 was the year of a big move to MIAMI and an even bigger move of a new hire “Steve Saka ” –  the new Drew estate President .  2006 highlights the release of the new cigar “Chateau Real” …which by the way is a great cigar.  In July 2007 Jonathans big dream came true, a vision that had been foreseen for many years – “La Gran Fabrica Drew Estate!”  From 1998 and sleeping above a factory on a worn out mattress, to 96,000 Square feet of a beautiful cigar valley in Nicaragua….the company’s success is more than a dream come true for Jonathan. Like I said this story reminds me of how a lot of the older farmers fled Cuba with only a few dollars in their pockets and started their small tobacco farms in Nicaragua which are now much larger than what they had back in Cuba , it’s like the same  “It was meant to be” thing with Drew Estate!

“The only person you are destined to become, is the person you decide to be.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

The Cigar
WRAPPER:  American Habano
BINDER: Brazillian,
FILLER: Nicaraguan Honduran , Dominican
STRENGTH: Med- full (more on the fuller scale)ASH: (white strong)

Liga Privada…. what’s the most interesting about it?
One of the best things to me about this cigar, is the meaning behind it ” hencho exclusamente para el jefe’” – which means made exclusively for the boss, (Steve Saka) and “Liga Privada”! Try this amazing smoke for the first time, or stock up your humidor selection of Liga Privadas this week at CFO Troy or Sterling. They are one of the deals of the week February 13th – 19th and being offered to us at $1.00 off all sticks regular retail price! Lucky Us!!!

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Eric D. Kukucka  DD