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Mi Dominicana Lancero

Power House of Flavor or B*tch Stick?

  • SIZE: 7 1/2 x 40
  • WRAPPER: Dominican Republic
  • BINDER: Dominican Republic
  • FILLER: Dominican Republic
  • STRENGTH: Medium-Full

Time and time and time again I constantly hear people on a regular basis shut down or bash the Lancero sized cigar calling it either a B*tich Stick or a wimpy cigar. Well Folks, let me tell you why I shake my head and laugh inside when this happens. The Lancero AKA Long Panatella is a very misunderstood/misinterpreted cigar. The Lancero is one of the most flavourful cigars manufactured. Why is this, you might ask? The plain and simple fact is that a Lancero contains 73%wrapper tobacco. Hmm, isn’t the wrapper tobacco what really gives the cigar its true taste profiles and character and flavours? The answer to that question is YES. When you smoke a Lancero, you will have an experience like no other. If you truly want to test a manufacture’s wrapper quality, the Lancero is the way to go. Yes, Coronas are also famous for tasting a lot of the true quality, but to me the Lancero has the edge having a larger percentage wrapper. Now, that’s not to say that Double Coronas, Presidentes, Churchills and Toros don’t offer great flavour profiles and characteristics—the Lancero is just more focused in that department. Some may argue that Lanceros don’t offer enough draw because of its miniscule sized ring gauge of 37-40. This is largely dependent on the manufacturer and the roller, but indeed, some Lanceros do not offer as seamless of a draw as a toro or Churchill. I can attest to this fact: I’ve smoked Cohiba Lanceros from 1990, 1995, 1998, 2001, 2002, and 2009 the Cohiba Lancero is the gold standard of Lanceros, or what I like to call it: “The Godfather of Lanceros.” The draw from each of these years did not differ much at all. In my opinion, the draw being not as effortless in this size actually allows the flavours to become even more robustly concentrated to your palate (this is another bonus characteristic of Lanceros.) Trinidad Fudadores (Cuban) is another very well recognized Lancero that offers a smoking experience like no other.

So, I think I’ve stated my case of why the Lancero should not be over-looked, so lets get to the Mi Dominicana. This is the First time I’m smoking this blend and what a coincidence I’m smoking the Lancero. Now, we all know the Famous Fuente Opus X was the First Dominican Puro to hit the market and all the fame and fortune of that Cigar he has earned is very well deserved. The Mi Dominicana is also a Dominican Puro that offers a lot of great characteristics at a reasonable price. “Everything that is beautiful about the Dominican Republic has gone into this cigar”–Jose Seijas General Manager of Tabacelera de Garcia LTD) Thanks to Jose, we are able to sample all the beautiful blends of Montecristo H.Uppman, and Romeo Y Julieta . This cigar was released in 2008 at the Vegas IPCPR and is the first Dominican Puro Released by Altadis U.S.A . Jose created this blend to show that he is truly proud of his heratige. “Mi Dominicana is my personal tribute to our nation and our people… It truly captures the pride of my country.”–Jose Seijas.

The Cigar

This cigar was also rated No. 20 on Cigar Aficionado, Top 25 of 2009 scoring 92 points. The wrapper is a nice, oily, brown Dominican wrapper with a few evident nice veins. The cap is a Cuban traditional “pig tail”. The pre light aroma was an evident semi-sweet cedar aroma. The foot of the cigar is not as tightly rolled as I would like to see but the true test lies in the smoke of course; let’s get to that. After the first inch, the cigar is burning absolutely flawless and is giving off vast amounts of leather, coffee, nutty, cedar aromas, with in-and-outs of peppery spice. The middle third of this cigar the burn and has maintained its integrity and has more of a fuller body to it… increasing in spice but had a nice toasty flavour to it. The final third maintained its spice and some of the coffee flavours returned along with the nutty notes, with a charcoal-type undertone note on the finish and the burn was still excellent. I really enjoyed this cigar. Was it a Cohiba or Trinidad? No. Was it worth the $7-9 price range? Yes, indeed. Would I smoke it again? Yes, I would.


A great looking cigar with coffee, spice and cedar flavours, along with good draw and a great burn, all at a fair price. To try something different than usual and from the beautiful Dominican Republic this is a must-try. It made the top 25 for a reason! Thanks Jose for all of your amazing efforts that you put forth to the Cigar industry.

Eric D. Kukucka
Member of the Montecristo lounge, Sterling Heights, Michigan