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Do you ever find in life that when you have a particular talent or are really passionate about something  people will tell you things to make themselves feel better , because otherwise they would have to elevate to your level?. A perfect example of this was when people said these exact things to Rocky Patel “Ten years ago they said our little cigar company would never make it”. Then “Five Years Ago they said we’d never last”. “Three years ago they started paying attention”. And now years later here they are in the hands of millions of consumers, in fact in 2006 their annual sales were above $25 million and in 2007 Rocky manufactured 16 MILLION CIGARS,   sounds like a really small company that wouldn’t last EHHHHHH? (that Canadian for don’t you agree)   Let’s talk about how Rocky actually got himself to where he is today. Rakesh (Rocky) Patel was a Hollywood attorney representing such Hollywood stars as Gene Hackman, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Patel became an avid cigar smoker in 1990, as a member of the Grand Havana room just minutes from his office, and this became his home away from home. As we all know allot of networking and new ventures are built around cigar smoking , more so in cigar lounges, I’m sure most of you are familiar with INDIAN MOTORCYLCES, if not there an extremely high end Cruiser motorcycle that dates back to 1901 . Rocky ventured into a business opportunity with a fellow cigar smoker and started Indian Tabac, in the mid 1990’s it was to share the similararity of the Indian Motorcycle brand. In the Beginning Rocky was not very knowledged in the tobacco sector, Rocky had other people completely manufacturing his cigars for Indian Tabbac. Rocky decided it was time to  Devote his time to the Cigar business and bought out his partner  out of Indian tabac in 1997,  and spent ALOT time in  Nicaragua and Honduras working and learning about the trade, this included FIELD work as well,  Rocky took over the  Manufacturing process, The entire process took a  complete 180 , Rocky began purchasing tobacco , fermenting it curing it , basically created his own assembly line where he was able to create his OWN BLENDS his way . Finally the time had come for  Indian Tabbac to officially changed to Rocky Patel  Premium Cigars in 2002   Rocky sold his Attorney practice and COMPLETELY DEVOTED his time to the Cigar industry.   Following this milestone came the release of the World renowned beautiful Vintage 1990 Vintage 1992, an Amazing Medium Bodied Cigar that is full of flavour and great Balance, and even better Construction. In Turn it was rewarded allot of recognition to back it The Vintage Series received “Best of the Best” accolades from the Robb Report. ,the Vintage 1992 Torpedo was subsequently rated 90, The Vintage 1990 Robusto was rated 92 by Cigar Aficionado. WELL DESERVED , My opinion I prefer the 1990 but the 1992 is right up there.  Since then rocky has released an additional 25 Rocky Patel brand cigars , and 11 Private Label cigars , not to Mention the JAVA’s which are the most well suited MORNING CIGAR , oh yeah I almost forgot the  Indian Tabacc line to , man sure seems like that “little Cigar Company ” isn’t lasting is it ? An interesting Fact about Rocky Patel is that he does not have his own farm where they harvest ” their own” tobacco but, Rocky has an extremely close relationship with Nestor Plasencia, who allows Rocky to have his own employees in charge of allot of the operations in the manufacturing of his cigars, Rocky’s relationship with the Oliva family (one of Nicaragua’s largest Tobacco Families) and ASP allows rocky to obtain some of the best quality product available on the market.  Now more recently the DECADE rated 95 points by Cigar Aficionado. Being rated 95 points is an amazing achievement it becomes classified as a “classic” it will go down in history with the numbers vintage aged Cubans that score 95 and above in Connoisseurs corner the decade has also received 91, 92, and 93. The Rocky Patel Decade was released to Celebrate its MILESTONE,


SIZE: 6 1/2 X 52

WRAPPER: Ecuadorian Sumatra

BINDER: Secret

FILLER: Secrete

STRENGTH: Medium to full

MANUFACTURED: El Paraiso Factory

These cigars come encased in a beautiful box that says “Against alll odds”  the undersides of the box has an illustration of Rocky in black and white of cigar production, nothing better than an amazing looking box of cigars just screaming look at me in the humidor. The Decade contains tobacco from Nicaragua, Honduras and Ecuador, what better than commemorating 10 years using tobacco from the regions that made you who you are. Manufactured in Nestor Plasencia’s El Paraiso factory, this tobacco has gone through allot of fermentation This beautiful Chocolate coloured Ecuadorian Sumatra Wrapper from the highest priming of the tobacco plant, houses some very nice small veins, and a nice shiny oily appearance, this slightly box pressed cigar is firm to the touch and packed very nicely, this is very evident on the foot of the cigar, the aroma is leathery and earthy with a slight bit of spice. I cut this cigar using my one of a kind Stainless steel self sharpening Scissors, the pre light draw was extravagant, After toasting the Foot of the cigar my tongue got the most of the pepper, which left my palate with smooth notes of earth, nuts, and cream, the burn is seamless and the draw is beautiful, the second third of this cigar is very creamy, and has a nice chocolate coffee flavour, with some woodsy notes the burn at this point is still very good. The final third was very smooth and consisted of cocoa and coffee, truly a delightful finishing touch , nearing the nub the spiciness returned with some earth to top it all off with a bite.  I had the Joy of sampling all of the sizes in this blend including the Limited Editions talk about consistency!


A cigar that not only looks amazing but is defiantly full of flavour and perfectly BALANCEDDDD for a medium to full bodied experience,  coffee, cocoa , woodsy earthy , and spicy , a perfect burn and great draw. For someone who had no Cuban heritage and no ancestral roots, or any cigar knowledge at all, in an industry that is truly dominated by farms that are often family owned and operated for generations Rocky has overcome all obstacles and beat the set out odds that the industry had for him and the fact that he would never last, WELL WHO’S HAVING THE LAST LAUGH NOWWWWWWWW


Eric D. Kukucka (Member of the Montecristo Lounge Sterling Heights Michigan)