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Torano Single Region Robusto (Serie Jalapa)

The roots of a tree can run yard after yard after yard beneath the ground, yes this process takes years and years but as the years go by the roots continue to run deeper and deeper and deeper. This analogy is very similiar with the TORANO family, which is why the quote is “OUR ROOTS RUN DEEP”. The Toranos families roots run as far back as the early 1900’s (1916) to be exact, Recent immigrant from spain to the Island of Cuba Don Santiago Torano fell in love with the tobacco leaf, soon after he became a broker of leaf tobacco.

Don Santiago was graced with the birth of three sons Jamie, Jose, and Carlos. Sooner than later the 3 sons grew older and the Torano’s involvement with tobacco increased drastically . Going from being a tobacco broker to having 17 farms in Cuba by 1959 supplying such manufactures as PARTAGAS AND H.UPMANN, they not only distributed tobacco to nearly every factory in cuba but also world wide including the United States of America.

I believe the saying is “all good things come to an end” well like most of the top notch non-cuban cigar makers today the Government nationalizing their tobacco farms forcing them to flee the country. the Torano family moved to the Dominican Republic. Carlos Torano was known in the Dominican by all for teaching them how to grow authentic cuban seed tobacco or “Piloto Cubano”. Carlos Torano died at the age of 57 in his curing barn due to a massive heart attack . After working for General cigar for many years Jamie Torano left General and started growing tobacco in Nicaragua, Jamie passed away in 1974, his son Jimmy took over the opperations on his fathers behalf.

The year was 1975 and Carlos Torano was about to joing his cousin in the Family buisness, Carlos had received a degree in Economics and Finance and wasnt too keined for the longest time to pursue his fathers footsteps, but it was the right time and place. The Torano family joined with the Perez Family, the Torano’s focused on the buisness portion and the Perez more-so on the farming, Carlos’s mentore was Alfredo Perez Carlos said “everything i learned, everything i am today, I owe to Alfredo”. Rember the saying i used earlier all good things come to an end ? well this is again true 1979, United States government embargo on all Nicaraguan Goods, Torano family again forced to relocate. Having major suppliers such as General, Newman Family, Swisher International, Consolidated Cigar, and Villazon Relocation was a must, and in a timely fashion . 1981 Mexico, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, and Costa Rica were the Regions selected, Land was being purchased farms being built managers being hiered and yes Tobacco began being cultivated, The Torano family was booming with their tobacco sales, until again “all good things came to an end”.

1997 the Cigar market was flooded with over production, on to the 4th Generation to come in Charlie Torano a lawer left his practice to become in charge of QUALITY CONTROL, and opperations . The year was 1998 and the FIRST torano owned factory in Danli Honduras, soon after another factory was built in Nicaragua. Cigar Production for the Toranos in 2008 was 20 million, Torano’s have many cigars rated in the 90’s and supply some of the top manufactures in the buisness with their Tobacco. The Torano’s produce an amaing product at a very reasonable price. Carlos and son Charlie work along side eachother, and Charlie now shares the passion that has been instaled in the name TORANO for the last 94 yers as the 4th Generation of the family THAT’S DEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!

The Cigar I am reviewing is the Torano Single Region ROBUSTO


  • WRAPPER: Criollo
  • BINDER: Jalapa Nicaragua
  • FILLER: El Estero Farm, Jalapa, Nicaragua
  • ASH: Firm, grey/ black slightly flaky
  • SIZE: 5 X 52
  • STRENGTH: Medium

One region, One farm, One Fine Cigar, Jalapa Nicaragua home to some of the worlds finest tobacco, Jalapa is known for producing a beautiful tobacco including its amazing ligero filler, this specific cigar is produced from the EL ESTRO Farm in Jalapa, this farm is small and is located in the northern most growing province of Nicaragua. What makes this farm so unique is the fact that it is irrigated by a natural stream, for centuries this mineral rich water together with the soil have enabled this particular farm to grow some of the most aromatic and finest tobacco produced. Tobacco Grown in Jalapa is very distinctive in its sweetness, and carries with it an elegant smoothness. Single region for decades has been essential in the success of amazing wines and coffee’s. The Torano family has just proved this importance in this beautiful cigar. This Jalapa wrapper is extremely oily, and there are a few paper thin veins present, the cigar is extremely well constructed, this is very evident on the foot, the pre light aroma was very prominent in the cedar department, the pre light draw was excellent and gave off alot of sweetness. After toasting the foot, the first third of the cigar was packed with an amazing sweet creamy flavour , there were some woodsy notes evident as well, with a hint of semi sweet chocolate, the burn at this point is very good and the draw is excellent and is producing a beautiful spicy aroma . the second third of this cigar truly developed itself into becoming very prominent in the leather department but having some subtle coffee notes throughout, the burn and draw is still excellent, the final third, a small amount of the smoothness returned, the prominence of the leather and coffee were far more evident, some cedar notes were present as well, this cigar was claimed to be on the full bodied spectrum but in my opinion it is Medium Bodied.


This was a great cigar that provided a great amount of smoke, and some great all around flavours, a beautiful looking cigar with alot of oils makes it stand out. The fact that the tobacco is all single Region is what makes it so special to me, great burn and draw top the cigar all off, This cigar is manufactured in 3 sizes I’ve had the pleasure of smoking this cigar in each of the sizes its offered in and all of the sizes were very consistent and offered great flavours.

  • 5 x 52 – Robusto
  • 6 x 54 – Toro Grande
  • 7 x 50 – Churchill

Eric D. Kukucka
Member of the Montecristo lounge, Sterling Heights, Michigan