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Size: Belicoso 6 1/8 X 52

Wrapper : Ecuadorian Cabano

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Honduran/ Nicaraguan

Trinidad is named after the 16th Century city of La Santísima Trinidad (The Holy Trinity). Here’s a little history about the Trinidad Cigar that might be a shock to many. Even though Fidel Castro is always seen with a COHIBA in hand this is not his true cigar of choice nor his brand as many would claim. The Trinidad Brand dates back to 1969 in Cuba at the El Laguito factory The Trinidad Fundadores was the cigar produced EXCLUSIVELY for Fidel since 1980 aside from Fidel Castro the only individuals to consume Trinidad cigars were Foreign Diplomats. Now that’s not to say that Cohibas were not a gem cigar that were given to diplomats but Trinidad were the Cream of the Crop The year was 1998 and the connoisseurs and consumers of Cuban cigars were in for a surprise, the Trinidad label became available as an export to Mexico and Canada, soon after in April 98 it was released for worldwide distribution aside from the US of course. In 2003 Trinidad Cuban brand released 3 new sizes Coloniale, the Reyes, and the Robusto Extra. Now the cigar I am reviewing is not a Cuban but this Nicaraguan Honduran based twin has allotted of potential to be a patriarch of non Cubans in my opinion. The label as u can see from the pictures does resemble the Cuban Trinidad label. Altadis’s famous quote for this cigar was “what Embargo”? and to some extent I find this true , it does offer allot of the same characteristics of a Cuban, and that always makes me feel like my money was well spent. I have had the luxury of smoking all of these Trinidad’s and even a 1997 Fundadores which I smoked in 2007 and it was exceptional. Although the best Trinidad I have ever smoked in which I owned a box of and have none left was the 2006 TRINIDAD BOOK TORRE LZNAGA VOLUME No 6 there was only 500 cases ever produced I guess I wasn’t thinking when I smoked the last one. The Name Lznaga was named after one of the towers erected in the city of Trinidad back in 1816, So the Trinidad name has allot of history

The Cigar

This cigar has a very beautiful Ecuadorian Cabano Wrapper that has a very appealing overall look to it , slightly toothy and does have a few nice veins running through it the wrapper does have some nice oily texture to it as well which helps compliment its appearance immensely and it does have a nice weight which complements the construction. The look of the wrapper is a very important characteristic to me it just makes the cigar look that much more appealing. This cigar has a beautiful pre-light aroma that makes u want to stop wasting your time and just smoke it. The first third of this cigar was had some cedary notes followed by a beautiful creamy taste with a slight peppery undertone finish. When I reached the second third the cigar increased in its creamy flavours but the cedar stayed constant. What I really loved about this cigar was the final third/ finish, cigars tend to have a stronger finish or tend to get bitter/hot, the Trinidad actually became CREAMIER which was the highlight of this cigar.


For a cigar that will reward you with great creamy flavours and nice cedary notes, a beautiful finish, and an appearance that you can give to anyone and not be afraid of disappointment especially the other sizes aside from the Belicoso which all contain a beautiful pigtail cap which is Cuban tradition. “WHAT EMBARGOOOOOO”


Eric D. Kukucka DD