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Sam Adam’s Beer Bucket Summer Special

Now Announcing Jenuwine Cigar Lounge’s newest Promotion: Sam Adam’s Beer Bucket Summer Special! It all started with the classic American Original, The Boston Lager. This beer at the Great AMerican Beer Festival has been known as “the best beer in America.”

It all starts with the hops. At the beginning, the founder of Sam Adams Jim Koch, insisted on using nothing but the absolute best hops. The Hallertau Mittelfrueh Noble hops. At the time Sam Adams was just beginning, these hops were almost extinct. These hops are not only rare, but really delicate, but much needed to create the Uniquely Delicious Taste the Boston Lager provides.

Since 1984, when the Sam Adam’s brewery has started setting standars, they started with just one Amazing flagship Lager. The Boston Lager. Today, Sam Adam’s brewery brews more than 50 beers including seasonal beers, brewmaster collections, a barrel room collection, small batches, limited releases, and of course the staple, the Boston Lager.

All summer long, it is our pleasure to offer you a Sam Adam’s Special to enjoy or just simply try Sam Adams. Choose just your favorites, or mix and match from a wide variety. 5 beers, for just $15 kept in a timeless Sam Adams beer bucket to keep the rest cold while you enjoy one at a time. When you come in to enjoy a cigar, and perhaps the company of your friends, why not share another piece of history and enjoy a cold one. Cigars and good beer have been paired together as long as I can remember. Enjoy them both here.