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Sterling Heights Golden Cigar August

Cigar buyers beware….That band you don’t look under may have cost you $100.00 in July!  Makes a tear fall from my eye when I see a missed opportunity, but it appears that the July Golden Cigar may have been consumed without the winner having found the Golden Cigar under the band!  But, fear not as there are two more Golden Cigars strategically placed in the Humidor for August already!  I can assure you that they are not buried at the bottom of a box!  If purple is your favorite color you might be the luckiest smoker in town for the month of August.  A hint like this won’t take you long to determine the brand, but the question is what size?  Revered by some as one of the finest cigars made, it is a but a few that have even tried this brand.  In some circles it is the cigar of choice with “tea” drinkers.  In other circles it is the cigar of choice amongst “cha cha” dancers.  Not a cigar for the whole crew, but a cigar none the less for the true connoisseur.  Look longer and you will find it sooner than later.