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Sterling Heights Golden Cigar for June

The Rocky Patel 1961 Torpedo was right there before your very eyes all month long!  It took a Montecristo Castoff Mike Riley to figure out, but he is smiling from ear to ear!  He said after going back and looking at the hints that the answer was right there before him..he just had to figure it out!  Tim Kelly found the Casa Magna Churchill and I hardly gave enough of a hint to find it!  Low and behold I didn’t even give a hint about the Montecristo White Court Tube and the Golden Cigar was found!  Looks like I am going to have to make it tougher as you guys are too good! 

For June you can forget looking on the gondolas as the golden cigar does not lie within.  Search to the north and you will find there are not many cigars on that wall of the humidor.  Search to the West and you will find no open boxes….Hmmm what might that mean?  If the glass is what you are looking for then you are still looking for the wrong thing in the wrong place. Most can seem easy…really intently easy…but this Golden Cigar is going to take some looking to find!  Good Luck as you begin your search…but don’t look low!