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Golden Cigar Hint #1: Troy

A Troy Golden Cigar Update ~ As you know there are 3 Golden Cigars hid in the Troy Humidor.  In the first week a number of cigar smokers came close, meaning they bought a cigar out of one of the boxes that contained one of the 3 Golden Cigars!  Now this alone should tell you something…They are good sellers! Till the end of the month I will give some clues as hopefully to not make this too difficult to find at least one of the Golden Cigars by the end of the month.  If I have to, I will give you a clue that should lead you to having a great chance of winning at least one of the $100 gift certificates by the end of the month.  There is nothing like a full sized Churchill when you are celebrating finding the Golden Cigar!  Look hard in this message as the answer lies within for one of the Golden Cigars in Troy!  Remember when you are done smoking your favorite cigar to ALWAYS check the back of the band for a Gold Star!  You gotta smoke to win!