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Weekly Deals for May 16th – May 22nd

More great weekly deals just posted! Be sure to check them out and get over to Troy or Sterling Heights to get ’em while they are hot. Before next week, when they are not. The spring weather seems to be quite dreary, come hang in the lounges with us and get cheery!

La Gloria Cubana Maduro Sampler
There is nothing to rhyme about when it comes to this sampler.  This is a cigar for the Big Dogs to fight over.  Get 3 large La Gloria Cubana’s dressed in this grab-and-go tin sampler.   Perfect for putting in your golf bag, on the dash of your boat, or throwing in the glove box as you head out to enjoy the summer.  At a 20% savings you just don’t want to be left standing by the side of the road!  When they are gone…..Well they are JUST GONE!

Hoyo de Monterrey Excaliber Golf Lovers Sampler
Get 4 best selling Excalibers plus a Hoyo de Monterrey ball marker.  This sampler includes the Dark Knight, the Cameroon, the Legend, and the original Excalibur.  This Buy 3 Get 1 Free Gift Pack is the perfect answer to “Who brought the Cigars on the First Tea?”  You can pull this out and they will think you are the big shooter….Truth is you only paid for 3 Cigars, you pocketed the Free Hat Clip and Ball Marker, and you slid the $10 Cash Card from Golfsmith in your wallet.  Now if you can pick up a couple of Skins and come in with the low score, you will truly have had a perfect day!  Truly a golf lovers dream for under $40!

Cohiba Consumers Sweepstakes 2 Pack
Ask just about anybody anywhere in the world to give you the name of a cigar and 9 times out of 10 they will say COHIBA.  Recognized around the world as the creme de la creme of cigars, Cohiba has stood the test of time.  While the ones we smoke here in the states don’t quite compare to their Cuban counterparts, they still rank way up on the list of the finest cigars you can buy.  Taste all 3 lines of the world’s most famous cigar.   The best part of this purchase is that you get to enter to WIN the prize of a lifetime!