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Jenuwine Cigar is one of the country’s leading companies selling wholesale cigars with sales in excess of $50 million annually. We offer a full selection of the popular machine made cigars like Middleton, Dutch Master, Muriel, Garcia Vega, White Owl and more.  Our selection of premium cigars from the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua  Honduras, and Mexico exceeds 3,000 different brands. We have everything from Ashton to Romeo & Julieta, Montecristo to Cohiba and many, many more!

Whether you are a Sub Jobber, Casino, Golf Course, Gas Station, Convenience Store or Gentleman’s Club,  we have a program to fit every need. We provide merchandising assistance and excellent pricing. We are licensed in Michigan, collect and pay all taxes so that Michigan Retailers do not have to worry about any tobacco tax filings.  When shipping out of Michigan, it is the responsibility of the purchaser to pay all applicable taxes.

We offer a unique program for all Michigan golf courses. For many years, selling cigars at a golf course was a very difficult program to administer. With the advent of humidified packaging, it is now as easy as putting your cigars on a peg hook in your pro shop with no need for a humidor or humidification. With an excellent selection of popular brands in a wide price range, we can put you in the cigar business immediately! Our program allows you to buy any humidi-packed premium cigar with our end of the season money back guarantee! That’s right, when the snow flies we take back what you have not sold and issue you a full credit! To make ordering simple, our friendly customer service representative will call your pro shop once a week to see if you need a replenishment order. We can either UPS the order to you or if it is the Detroit area ,we’ll deliver it right to your shop. If you are having a private golf event and you want our “cigar girl” on the course selling cigars, we have a program for that as well!

For more information regarding wholesale pricing please EMAIL US or call 248-760-1281.